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Blonde MILF Vicky Vixxx and I are two bored kinky housewive who play lesbian games together while our husbands are at work.  Vicky comes over and asks if I can tape her to a chair and gag her like she saw in a movie.  I gladly oblige and find some tape to begin.  I quickly wrap her to the chair with lots of tape.  Vicky then asks me to gag her like she saw in a movie.  She says "you take a big cloth and pull it over my mouth real tight."  I tell her it's doubtful that will keep her quiet and she adds that I must really stuff her mouth with something first to make the gagging more effective.  I grab a big wad of cloth and stuff her mouth to the brim.  I take the big white cloth and slowly tightly pull it over her mouth before tying it off behind her head.  With Vicky bound and gagged, I caress her taped up body and grope her tits.  I leave her to sensually struggle.  Vicky moans under her gag in enjoyment as she squirms against the tape.  I walk back in a few minutes later and remove her OTM gag pulling out the wad of cloth.  Vicky tells me how much she's enjoying this so far and asks me for a better gag saying "I need you to wrap my mouth nice and tight."  I pull out a roll of vet wrap and that excites Vicky.  She asks me to stuff her mouth with not one but two pair of my panties.  Vicky asks that after I gag her I gag myself and then play with her. I am happy to do so and I stuff the panties into her waiting mouth then wrap lots of vet wrap around her mouth and face.  I sit on her lap facing her and shove a pair of panties into my own mouth and wrap the rest of the roll of vet wrap around my face.  With both of us now completely gagged I grind and rub against Vicky's body as I fondle her tits.  I turn around and bend over to give Vicky a lap dance with my ass.  I take a seat on her lap again and the two of us kiss each other with out gags pressed together as we both moan in pleasure.

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