19:11 video

Enchantress Sahrye and Carmen Valentina are college students who are dating. Carmen has invited Sahrye over to study her slave for their next essay.  Carmen giggles and informs Sahrye that her slave is actually her step mother who has a weak heart and a weakness for young bratty girls.  When they stroll in holding hands and giggling I am already on my knees with my hands tied behind my back. Carmen introduces and presents me without much regard saying "So this is my like my stepmom or whatever..she's my slave. Hash tag observation"  Sahrye is intrigued and fascinated by my submission and holds out her hand for me to kiss.  Carmen explains that I am now officially their cuckhold and she demands I kiss their shoes.  Carmen tells Sahrye that it is so much fun to tie me down and trample me with her stiletto high heels.  I am now tied down spread eagled and gagged.  Each of my hands holds wads of money.  They both place a heel on my chest and Carmen tells Sahrye to take my money.  They each count it and are disappointed in how little it is so they decide to take some incriminating photos of me for blackmail.  Sahrye snaps many pictures of Carmen posing when she's trampling my weak heart.  They swap over and Sahrye now does some seductive poses laughing at me while I am pinned beneath her heel.  I remain tied dwon now blindfolded with a vibrator strapped to my thigh. They strut over and turn on the vibrator. My bound body jerks in arousal and frustration as the girls place one foot each on my chest pinning me down and slowly and seductively remove each others t-shirts to tease me. Both girls sit down placing one knee each on my chest to pin her down with one hand each over her mouth and tickle my armpits with their other hands..   I begin to convulse with pleasure as the girls scratch my chest and pinch my nipples but as I am about to orgasm, Carmen turns off the vibrator and the girls laugh at my agony and torment. The put their feet on my face ordering me to lick their toes as they use my credit cards and begin swiping their phones to buy stuff ... 

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