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Max Power and gorgeous redhead Lauren Phillips go on a first date. Lauren invites Max in for a nightcap after their date. They sit down on the couch and Max is eyeing Lauren up and down in her slutty date attire. Soon after they sit down he starts making out with her and gets handsy quickly trying to slide his hands up her dress feeling her big tits. She tries to make him keep his hands to himself but he doesn’t listen. At one point he tries to pin her down on the couch and she’s able to squirm away and demands that he leave. He asks why she dressed like that if she didn’t want it and leaves. With a case of the blue balls, Max leaves only to return to get what he was denied. He gets turned on by forcing pleasure on a girl then getting his at the end.
Lauren is getting ready for bed and has changed into her skimpy nightgown. Unbeknownst to her Max is lurking outside of her house ready to immobilize her while he ravishes her. He climbs in through a window and grabs her from behind immediately placing his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams. He gags her with a ball gag and ties her hands over her head. He proceeds to rub his hands all over her while nuzzling and kissing her neck, first feeling her up over and under her nightgown before ripping it off. She’s left in her bra and panties and he keeps feeling her up all over getting horny while he shoves his face in her cleavage while his hands wander and he begins to also taste the rest of her body. Max releases Lauren’s hands from above her head and lifts her over his shoulder carrying her into the bedroom. He spends the next several minutes groping her. At first he has her in his lap, with her back to him, and he fondles her over and under her bra before taking it off. She’s then on her back on the bed with his hands roaming her body fondling her pussy. He can’t keep his hands and mouth of her tits and he enjoys motorboating his face between her huge tits and sucking her nipples. He also continues to taste and kiss the rest of her body, including smelling and tasting her pussy. Now Lauren tied on her back bound spread eagle with a spreader bar forcing her legs open and elevated in the air. Max crawls on top of the busty beauty getting horny feeling her struggle beneath him while he starts licking and kissing her neck. He moves down and licks between her breasts and her nipples rubbing the sides of her breasts. He then works his way down and starts eating her out. Max also alternates between eating her pussy and going back up to lick and suck her tits. Lauren is forced to orgasm several times on Max’s tongue. After Max has forced Lauren to orgasm several times, it’s time for him to get off. He strip off his pants and boxers and puts his full weight on her in the missionary position. He alternatively kisses her neck and gropes and sucks her tits while he fucks her eventually shooting his load on her belly. After he’s had his fun he gets up, puts his pants on takes a deep whiff of her panties, wipes his cock off on them and throws them back at her while she’s writhing and still tied up in bed.

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