34:30 video

Supergirl ( Anastasia Rose ) arrived at the villains' hideout and she walks around checking the place out when suddenly me and my henchman King Noire arrive  Supergirl turns hands on hips and says "I'm taking you down!"  I press a button on a remote that causes a high pitched sound undetectable to human ears but very effective on superheroines.  She drops to her knees holding her head in pain.  I nod at my henchman who pulls Supergirl up to her feet and grabs her in a bearhug.  Super girl cries out and fights as he squeezes her but soon she is limp.  King lifts her over his shoulder and carries her to a bedroom.  Supergirl awakens to find she's ballgagged and all roped up - her arms are bound behind her back and her legs are in a tight frogtie.  She struggles but is surprised to find she can't break free  I walk in and admire the young ripe body of the trapped heroine.  I pull up her top and suck her tits then call King in to tear off her panties.  I grab my huge super vibrator and press it up against Supergirl's pussy.  She protests but can do nothing.  I start to finger Supergirl's pussy sliding two fingers easily into her wet pussy.  I force her to suck my fingers tasting her own pussy.  I combine the magic wand with my fingers until the pretty thing cums hard.  I lift my skirt exposing my strap-on and her big blue eyes widen in terror.  I slide slowly and deeply in Supergirl's wet pussy.  I bang her doggie style then King lifts her up onto my cock and I force her to ride my cock.  After a while I pull out and fuck her pussy roughly with a thick dick on a stick to get her ready for my sidekick's big black cock.  He returns and Supergirl finds herself being untied.  The foolish super heroine thinks she's being rescued but suddenly finds her mouth stuffed with his cock.  He face fucks the horrified heroine until she's gagging on his huge cock.  He tires of this and lies her on her back holding a leg up in the air and he forces his cock deeply into her pussy.  King fucks her with abandon then bends her over to forcefully fuck her from behind.  I hold her face down while he fucks her brutally hard until her body betrays her and she cums long and hard.  He pulls out and shoves his cock back in her face and cums all over her face and mouth.  While the cum is still dripping off her beautiful face I bind her ankles and press the ballgag back into her mouth leaving her ready for the line of guys and girls waiting to fuck her ...  

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