26:42 video

Spoiled rich British girl Red finishes dressing in front of the mirror lacing up her strappy stiletto high heels. She admires herself giggling saying "every girl is going to want to be me and every guy is going to want to do me"! As she opens her front door to leave she's ambushed by a big masked man who wraps his meaty arm around her throat and she tries to fight him off but she's no watch for his arm tightening and she collapses in a limp heap. He carries her off ... when Red awakens she hanging by her wrists in an abandoned building. She cries out for help begging daddy to help her but no one answers her. The frightened girl kicks her legs struggling desperately in the grueling wrist suspension. The daddy's girl cries, shakes her body, kicks in the air with her sexy legs, but everything is useless and it only increases her pain and frustration.  She stays like this for hours until I come in without explaining anything and without answering her desperate questions. I take some photos of the suspended suffering girl and say that her father shall be very pleased to look at them. Red begs and pleads but I threaten to gag her. Her father informs me he can't withdraw the huge sum of money until the morning and I leave the helpless frightened girl hanging there all night. The next morning the petite Brit is still suspended to the ceiling.  Her dress is still on but her legs are massively tied and she is heavily tape gagged because she has been too noisy sobbing during the night. I come back and inform the frantic girl that her Daddy is still not convinced to comply and he needs more stimulating pictures.  I grab her dress and untie it pulling it off her bound body then apply nipples clamps as poor Red screams into her gag. Next I zap her with a taser sending shock waves through her body and paddle her ass while my masked henchman takes a video of her agony to convince her daddy. Eventually she faints and is left suspended for the rest of the day. I wake Red up in the morning by splashing her with ice cold water. I cut off her panties leaving the little daddy's girl completely naked. I taunt her as I snap some photos for daddy. I'm sitting by her with a phone in my hands waiting for a text from her daddy.  Finally he has been convinced and he discloses the account number.  I am ecstatic as I walk off to transfer the funds.  After a while I return - Daddy's funds are in my account!  Disheveled and destroyed Red whimpers and cries with relief thinking she will finally be let down, but I am taking no chance that she'll alert the police.  The brat girl kicks at me with her bound legs so I tie them tightly down to a ring in the floor. I go away leaving the petite Brit sobbing and hysterical in this desperate situation wondering if she will ever be rescued or will her life end with her strung up like a side of beef ...

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