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Pretty 19 year old Swiss girl Diamondly is massively tied to a chair her body shaking and trembling in pain. Her elbows are glued together and her legs are ridiculously bound from ankles to thighs. The frightened girl cries out not knowing where she is or why she's been taken. The foreign girl's poor helplessly bound body is numb and she is really afraid she will never be found. Diamondly is terrified and cannot stop sobbing. I enter the prison and seize the opportunity to grope her luscious ripe tits and run my hands up and down her young bound body. Diamondly cries out that she is thirsty and I bring her some water. I help her to drink and it pours from her mouth all over her dress. I start to tease the helpless girl pulling her tits out of her dress and sucking them. Diamondly is appalled at tries to maneuver away from me but her efforts are useless since she is so brutally bound in the chair. I force kiss her prying her young mouth open. Diamondly sobs, wriggles and tries to refuse my advances, but she is unable to do anything to stop me and I sit on her lap and continue to torment her. She cries out that she's not a lesbian, but I am determined to make her see things my way. I grab her pussy then unbutton my blouse and force the defiant girl to suck my tits. I peel down my panties and rub them all over her pretty faee then show her the clover nipple clamps I brought for her. I put them on her sensitive nipples and Diamondly screams. You don't want to kiss me - here's something else for your mouth. I laugh pulling the chain and forcing her to hold it between her lips. I yank up her dress and snip off her panties. I shove themm into her big mouth then push my panties into her mouth for a bit. She spits them out and I make her suck my tits again then I lick and kiss her clamped tits. As a punishment for not reciprocating my lesbian advances, I strap an electric pet collar on her neck and my young captiive's eyes widen in fear. I see you don't learn very easily ... perhaps this will help jar some sense into your pretty head. I torment her a bit shocking her several times in the hopes of making her see the light and make out with me. Her body jerks and spasms, but this is a stubborn girl. I laugh as she reluctantly agrees to suck my tits. Finally I've had enough of her resistance and I shove a ring gag into her large mouth securing it in tightly with vet wrap and many layers of thick electrical tape. I inform my prey that she will spend the night here brutally bound and gagged completely alone and hopefully she after a long night she will decide to see things my way and become my lesbian toy ... 

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