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Pretty girl next door Anastasia Rose has been snatched from the street on her way home. She is locked up in a basement and left along to struggle. Her upper body is restrained with a breast harness, shoulder ropes, belly rope and her bound crossed wrists are connected to her belly rope keeping them pinned to her back. Her legs are bound at her crossed ankles and above her knees and she's gagged with a large ballgag Anastasia wears a leather collar from which a leash is tied to a hook so high up she can't reach it. Her leash is long enough for her to move around in a big circle around her mattress on the floor but it is so short that she cannot get around the room very far. The pretty captive is still shocked by the situation and holds on to the hope of a misunderstanding. She moans and struggles against her ties strenuously. She is deeply disgusted, especially with the drool running out of her mouth from the gag. She's sitting on the mattress struggling desperately trying to reach some knots and she shakes her upper body trying to loosen the ropes. She rolls around the mattress stretching and arching her body looking around the basement for something that could help her. Innocent Anastasia is getting disgusted with herself as she feels she secretly enjoys her bondage situation and is increasingly turned on by it. I enter the room smiling at her. Anastasia looks up with big puppy eyes and a few pleading moans. I tell her what a beauty she is and how I've been watching her for weeks. I start unbuttoning my captive's blouse just far enough to expose her bra. I pull her big natural breasts out of the bra and inspect them thoroughly giving compliments. Helpless Anastasia flinches as I caress her hair and run my hands over her bound body and tell her how much I adore her. After a bit I bring out a panel gag head harness and immediately gag her with the panel gag giving her no time to speak a word. Anastasia doesn't even try to scream because she knows no one will hear her but she struggles not wanting that gag in her mouth. I make her lie down on her side and I maneuver behind her unbuckling her belt and pants and pulling them far enough down to expose her shaved pussy. I begin inspecting her wet pussy playing with it and finally fingering fucking my pretty prey. I tease and taunt her building up her orgasm by sucking her nipples, caressing her and hand gagging her as I very slowly make her cum. I kiss her and talk calmly to her telling her to rest and promising to come back tomorrow. I tell the pretty thing she's now mine forever and I leave her to struggle again still bound and gagged with her tits, ass and pussy exposed ...

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