12:31 video

Busty Cuban maid Gia Love comes into the bedroom with the pretense of cleaning, but her real intent was to steal. She figures her wealthy employer wouldn't miss a few dollars or trinkets. Gia opens the sock drawer and finds a bundle of rolled up cash. She grabs the roll of hundred dollar bills and stuffs it into her top. A nice bonus for all my hard work she thinks to herself but little does she know I am on to her thieving and I have my son watching and recording her. She is surprised to see him holding a video camera when she turns around. The latina tries hard to talk herself out of this dilemna but her broken English fails her. Gia begs him to forget what he saw and offers him half of the money but he just laughs. Gia knows the youth can be bribed into silence. They walk into the living room and Gia turns on the tears begging him to keep quiet. The little punk has his own plans - he tosses her a bundle of rope and orders her to tie her legs together with the rope. Gia is afriad to piss him off and thinks that if she stalls him long enough and keeps begging that he will let her go. Gia ties the ropes around ankles and then she ties another rope above her knees. He tells her to put her hands behind her back and he ties her arms. Gia squirms in the rope complaining that ropes are too tight. The ropes the brat tied around her upper arms press her elbows close behind her back biting deep into the soft flesh around her upper arms. She struggles helplessly in the tight ropes telling him he can't leave her like this. She curses him in her native tongue. He tires of her complaining and waves a pair of his momma's panties in front of her face. The next thing Gia knows she is taped gagged with the panties stuffed into her mouth. She struggles helplessly off the sofa and onto the floor unable to loosen the tight bondage. I walk in and pick up the bankroll on the floor. I knew you were nothing but a low life thief Gia and now I am going to finish you off by tying you like a hog. I hogtie the big tit bimbo and have my son set up the laptop for a slave auction. Gia sobs and cries into her gag. She can barely move, all she can do is roll from side to side. She begs and cries for help into the gag but her muted cries go unanswered.  My curvy captive struggles for what seems hours knowing she will soon be sold and taken away ...

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